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★  The first listed company specialized in the field of private network communication in China
★  The first company in the field of private network communication that proposed the idea of industrial IP so as to promote IP-based network construction in the field of industrial control in China
★  The leading company which introduced a new generation of optical transmission system integrating industrial level EPON with PTN+XPON in China
★  The first smart grid communication technology and application R&D center identified by Shenzhen
★  A private listed company ranking No.1 in the centralized procurement of communication projects by the State Grid
★  The first private company that has the qualification of general contractor for the subway dispatching communication system and  has undertakeen the construction of the communication systems of more than 10 rail transits in China. 

   Shenzhen Keybridge Communications  Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") is a professional provider of private network communication technology solutions, listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2009, with a stock code of 002316. The Company is committed to providing enterprises in electric power, energy, transportation and other industries with private network communication technology solutions, including the development and manufacturing of related software and hardware products and the related technical services.
Since its establishment, the Company has been committed to introducing the latest technology of communication information into energy, transportation and other fields and, by combining with the specific applications of private network, has independently developed and designed the special communication products and systems to meet the specific requirements of private network. With its deep knowledge of customers' needs in the service industry and its many years of constant accumulation and deposit in the industry, the Company has developed the capabilities of providing customers with tailored solutions and high quality products and services. In order to better provide customers with personal services, the Company has set up the marketing services platforms in China's major cities. The consumer groups of the Company are all over more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China and the services of the Company cover the whole country.
The overall research and development thinking of Shenzhen KeyBridge Communications Technology Co., Ltd. is to "adhere to taking the communication technology as the foundation and taking customers' specific application needs as the orientation". With long-term focus on the field of private network communications, the Company has mastered and accumulated the core technology specific to the customer's industry. Currently, the Company has applied for and obtained more than 40 utility model patents (including 8 patents for invention), 26 authorized patents (including 4 patents for invention), 27 software copyrights and dozens of product testing and certification reports. Among them, the patents and software copyrights respectively relate to optical communication, intelligent multiple connections, unvarnished data transmission, video coding and decoding, license plate recognition, integrated command, industrial multimedia monitoring and other technical areas, and the products relate to power, energy, transportation and other industries. Meanwhile, after more than ten years of accumulation, the Company has obtained China's high grade qualifications including Grade A qualification for computer system integration and Grade A qualification for security & protection.
     In the power field, the Company, as the SGCC's(State Grid Corporation of China)  mainstream equipment supplier and integrator,provides the SGCC, China Southern Power Grid and their subordinated grid companies at provincial and municipal levels with the industrial data communication and other solutions, and undertakes the SGCC's backbone communication network projects, the dispatching communication network projects and dispatching data network projects at provincial, prefecture and county levels as well as other projects. The Company develops the customized products of certain scale for the customers, including the industrial-grade PIN, EPON, exchanger, MSAP product, far IR imaging temperature measurement system for transformer substation, smart aided decision-making system for transformer substation as well as other software and hardware devices.
     In the rail traffic field, KeyBridge is the first domestic private enterprise that is able to provide complete system devices and services in the rail traffic dispatching communication system solutions. Over the years, the Company has provided and constructed the police communication system and specialized communication system solutions for Beijing Metro, Suzhou Metro, Changsha Metro, Guangzhou Metro and many other subway lines, becoming one of the few rail traffic communication system integration service providers in China. In addition, the China makes efforts to establish the cooperative relationship with large-scale enterprises, where, Huawei is an important strategic partner of the Company in the traffic industry at present, creating a larger space for business development. 
     In the intelligent traffic field, KeyBridge will utilize its own system integration scheme, qualification, project management experience, construction team, capital and other comprehensive strengths to obtain the owners' satisfaction and recognition by virtue of high-quality and reliable project delivery ability. The intelligent traffic projects involve the video surveillance, urban traffic block port, intelligent license plate recognition, vehicle overspeed, information release, microclimate and other subsystems. At present, the Company is the first domestic enterprise that has researched and developed the RFID-labeled chip based on XLPM storage technology and applied in automotive electronic identification. Such technology and product will provide powerful support for the rapid development of the future IOV market and the intelligent traffic.
     With respect to the expressway, the Company mainly provides the communication, monitoring and charging system services for the expressway construction at provincial and municipal levels, ranking Top 3 in the market of Guizhou, Hunan, Nanjing and other regions at present, so that the Company is pushed to a new level in the expressway industry.
   In addition to the energy-based traffic field, KeyBridge extended the successful experience and business model in the domestic private network to foreign countries in 2013. At present, the Company is designing and building the DWDM wideband optical fiber transmission network and the LTE wireless broadband network for the local operators and private network clients in the Cambodia region by virtue of the scarce frequency resource and the operating license. The work is proceeding in an all-round way. This is a new development field for KeyBridge in the future.
    In recent years, the business scale of the Company has been rapidly expanding. As a communication and information system integration company, we have built the most core competitive advantage of the Company by virtue of the powerful system solution integration capacity, the rapid customized development capacity and the efficient project management capacity. In the future, the Company will continue to promote the development of private network communication technology and the upgrading of industrial solution under the opportunity of the national "12th Five-Year Plan" to energetically develop the smart grid, intelligent traffic, rail traffic and Internet of Things industries, becoming the most typical communication technology solution service provider in the private network field and the leader of the industry.


Shenzhen Keybridge Communications Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Keybridge Communications Co., Ltd, founded in 1999, specializes in private network communication solutions. For many years now the company has been dedicated to providing private network communication solutions for electric power, Intelligent Transportation, railway transportation, as well as the designing, developing and manufacturing the corresponding software and hardware products.


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