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Keybridge delivered LuZhouLaoJiao Data Center successfully


      Recently, the “LuZhouLaoJiao intellectualization and disaster information center platform project” constructed by Keybridge, has passed acceptance successfully. From project information collection, proposal design and function realization to equipment delivery, installation and debugging. The project delivery has been completed in four mouths and launched on time.
      For system design, Keybridge made stability, high bandwidth, extensible and advanced management, safety and reliableas the design principles. Complete the proposal design based on relevant government regulations. According to customer requirements and service requirement, blended in advanced technology concept, Keybridge created a high-performance networking, high-performance computing, high-performance storage, multi-services management” could date centerfor customers.
      The network platform is an open VoIP communication platform, which contains wireless access, data processing, security storage, redundancy protection technologies to meet the diversification of high-speed data access.Wired and wireless technology, provides the omni-directional high-performance network access, supports mobile multi media and IPv6 and IPv4 access. It meets the security and reliability of enterprise characteristics and the requirements of manufacturing, network operation and management.


      The new data center is based on cloud computing platform, collecting all data services, realizing the unified management and efficient reuse.The platform can support remote data replication in data center, and support online backup for virtualization platform and data base. The user can save, access, process data reliably and efficiently. It’s a high availability platform which integrated networking, computing, storage and virtualization.
       The network system in this project adopts Cisco N7K - C7010 seriesas core and convergence switches, which can implement green power and unified management through virtualization on the high-performance equipment.The plug and play CISCO Gigabit Ethernet switch in the access layer provides POE power supply function. In order to meet the demand of IP voice equipment and wireless AP power supply. The computing system uses HP BL660c GEN8 blade servers of Hewlett Packardthat is designed for special applications industry and high density computer environment and it has high performance, easy maintenance management, extensible, uninterrupted switch, save space, faster cooling etc.The storage subsystem uses EMC VNX5700 and DataDomain DD670 as the centralized storage and backup storage devices that can support up to 500 disks. Based on the VMware virtualization platform, Keybridge integrates computing, storage, network resources of each manufacturer to establish an economic and practical, advanced and reliable, high efficiency and good scalability cloud computing data center platform for customer.
      The successful delivery of “LuZhouLaoJiao intellectualization and disaster information center platform project” is the accumulation of technical experience for Keybridge. The company will keep investment on could computing and provide more comprehensive and competitive solution for customers.

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