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     PTS (Industrial Packet Transport System) 8000 PTN, developed by KeyBridge on the basis of in-depth understanding of IP-based services, packet-based transport network, and network & service convergence, is an MPLS-TP-based new packet transport network equipment.

Product overview

      As the development of IP-based business, the prelude of packet transport network and network integration has been fully opened. For the technical evolution, the MPLS-TP technology system, jointly developed by ITU-T and IETF, has become the main evolving direction of packet transport network, and the PTN products based on this have been widely used globally.

       IPTS (Industrial Packet Transport System) 8000 PTN, developed by KeyBridge on the basis of in-depth understanding of IP-based services, packet-based transport network, and network & service convergence, is an MPLS-TP-based new packet transport network equipment.

       IPTS 8000 products, mainly for the efficient IP packet-based service transport, meeting the demands of multi-service transport platforms for TDM and ATM, include IPTS 8300, 8200 and 8100 equipments (IPTS 8100 has B and C sub models), which can used in the core layer, convergence layer and access layer of the transmission network to meet the building requirements of trunk and local transmission networks.

       It is worth mentioning that KeyBridge is the first to combine the OLT with xPON system to the PTN platform in the industry in order to configure xPON service module for PON networking, which meets the demand of fiber to home.



Converged multi-service packet transport platform 

  Non-blocking service forwarding by core packet switching architecture design based on MPLS-TP;

  Unified transmission of Ethernet, TDM and ATM by PWE3 ;

Evolution to a higher bandwidth and intelligent networking by scalable technology platform;

Industrial high-reliability design 

  Redundancy protection for key elements, including cross, master, clock, power supply and fan, and TPS protection for E1 electrical interface;

  End to end network and service protection, including link protection, service channel protection, ring protection, dual homing protection;

  Multiple protections to achieve 99.999 % network reliability;

Unique fusion design of PTN and xPON

  IPTS 8000 PTN with xPON technology can meet the need of PTN and xPON networking; support the hybrid access of EPON/GPON/10GEPON and support 10 GPON in the future;  

Deploy PTN and xPON as demands. E.g. only network for PTN application in the initial stage of the project, and configure xPON model directly for the xPON networking later if necessary; 

For the network deployment of PTN and xPON processing at the same time, xPON access service can be forwarded from the inside of the equipment to PTN, which saves the OLT investment and maintenance costs in case of independent xPON deployment;

End to end solutions for various applications 

  IPTS 8000 equipments are used in the core layer, convergence layer and access layer of the network, which provide end to end services, protection, security, quality of service OAM and differentiated services control;

  Supports a variety of synchronization technologies for highly accurate frequency synchronization and precise time synchronization (PTP); IPTS 8300/8200 adopts the integrated platform design with universal plate. And IPTS 8100 adopts advanced fanless design to meet the requirements of operation without machine room and under harsh environment;

End to end business management by good maintainability Inherited from SDH

  IPTS 8000 products provide three-dimensional OAM means based on link, encapsulation and hierarchical channels for the network to provide a full range of maintenance measures;

  Supports hierarchical MPLS-TP OAM, and OAM is enabled for assignment as demand. Supports rich link and service OAM.

  Provides a graphical unified network management for end-to-end service provisioning and maintenance, and provides a unified scheduling from xPON service to PTN network in case of PTN and xPON networking together.


Specifications on IPTS 8000 Unified Platform


Sub Item





TDM Emulation

Unstructured simulation (SAToP, RFC4553), structured simulation (CESoPSN, RFC5086), SDH simulation (CEP, RFC4842)

ATM Emulation

Follow RFC4717 to support ATM emulation



Follow G.81145 to support Ethernet OAM

Follow Y.1731 to support Ethernet link

Follow 802.3ah to support SDH OAM


Redundancy Protection: cross / Master / clock unit 1 +1 protection; E1 1 +1 TPS protection, power 1 +1 protection, fan redundancy protection;

Network / service protection: LSP 1:1 / SNCP protection, follow G.8131 and G.8132; support ring network & dual homing protection


QoS on Diff-Serv, IETF RFC 3270, ITU-T G.8110


IEEE 1588V2, G.8261, SDH/E1

Interface Parameters


1000BASE-SX, 1000BASE-LX, 1000BASE-ZX


SFP 155M, E1, RJ45, 75Ω or 120Ω

Environmental Parameters

Electromagnetic Environment

ESD: IEC61000-4-2, GB/T 17626.2-1998
RS: IEC61000-4-3, GB/T 17626.3-1998
Operating temperature: -10  +55

The application case

 In line with the evolution of IP-based service, PTN is a kind of convergence technology inheriting from SDH and IP / MPLS, providing a connection-oriented high-quality service delivery. As its superior technology and cost advantages, PTN has been widely in the operating 3G Backhaul (wireless backhaul) transport networks since 2008. And, because of its high reliability, high security and high quality of service protection feature , it also provides high quality IP-based service delivery safe and reliable service for the key customers (include: government, banking, securities and other institutions).

  IPTS 8000 is designed by KeyBridge as the demands of carrier-class service delivery to fully meet the requirements of the telecommunications transport network and is expanded according to the application needs of private transport network, which can better meet the needs of the private networks (including electricity, petroleum, petrochemical, traffic and military transport networks)

The typical applications and networking are as follows:

 Equipment selection

Access layer: IPTS 8100 or IPTS 8200

Aggregation layer: IPTS 8200 can be used for common aggregation node, and IPTS 8300 is for central node.

Core / trunk: Uses IPTS 8300. Uses PTN over OTN networking mode for an OTN trunk network, and OTN works as the pipeline of PTN service.


For a fiber ring, give priority to the ring networking mode for security reasons.

Service provisioning and management

Unified network management

Provide end-to-end service provisioning and monitoring, and unified management &scheduling from xPON to PTN.


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