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system overview

Highway communication system is responsible for providing data, voice and image transmission channel, to meet the monitoring, charging system data and image transmission needs, as well as the owners of the business management department internal command and dispatch, daily business calls, and to provide communication means for road users distress.

system structure

Communication system consists of optical fiber digital transmission subsystem, program controlled switching subsystem, emergency telephone and broadcasting system, mobile communication, communication power supply, optical cable engineering and so on. One optical fiber digital transmission subsystem of the two kinds of Networking: SDH equipment based networking and IP routing switching equipment based networking. Communication system management system is generally classified into three levels: the Provincial Communications Center - the section of the road communication Sub Center - no person on duty station.

The communication network division is based on the actual physical connection to divide, can be divided into user network, access network and core network (or local area network, access network and backbone network). According to the highway communication network is divided into a three layer network structure.

System function

Communication transmission scheme can meet the requirements of high speed, monitor and control the operation and management of modern highway. Optical fiber digital transmission system and digital program-controlled exchange system covering railway stations and service area and the center of the whole digital integrated service communication network and highway operation management and control system, toll system implementation to provide voice service and data, image transmission channel, and provides the corresponding width with business application service.

Scheme advantage

The communication system for freeway surveillance and control system, toll collection system data transmission provides video Guangduan Ji and video decoder devices and a corresponding transmission medium, and provides a transmission medium for field monitoring equipment image transmission.

系统结构 系统功能 方案优势 系统参数

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