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System overview

The electronic police system is a oriented urban traffic management of the intersection type comprehensive illegal monitoring and recording system, through a recording vehicle, electric police illegal detection, video surveillance, road traffic parameter collection business support to the bayonet., bridge bond can be for customers to provide urban intersection contrary to the monitoring and management of the unified software to solve the scheme and the difference of the software services, bring more market opportunities at the same time as the key bridge.

The structure of the system

System function

- a car with bayonet recording function;

- with license plate recognition;

- with red light (violation of lights), retrograde, in violation of the prohibition of marking, not according to the guide lanes of driving, machine account for non, residence junctions and other variety of illegal behavior detection and recording function;

- with road traffic parameter collection function;

- with video surveillance video features, the front end of the configuration of the terminal server, can support the front end storage;

- support for road type applications: the expansion of the bus lane detection, one-way street, and other functions of the law;

- support illegal fragment video recording;

- support image watermarking tamper proof;

- supports multiple characters, image synthesis mode;

- support device status monitoring and alarm function;

System parameters

Project      index:

Illegal record of red light for 3 pictures; other illegal generally 2 or 3;

The traffic vehicle to capture rate of 200km/h within the vehicle: 99%; (composite video detection coil trigger mode)

For 200km/h within the vehicle: 92%; (video detection trigger)

The red light vehicle for capturing rate within 160km/h of more than 90% vehicles;

The red light vehicle to capture the effective rate greater than 80%;

The illegal detection function with can not follow the guide lane, pressing, retrograde detection function;

Video output mode to support all day video and video clips, H.264;

The license plate recognition accuracy rate is more than 90%;

Identify the type of license plate type: civilian license plate (except 5 small vehicles), police license plate, the new military police license plate, license plate.

License plate color: white, gray, yellow, pink, red, purple, green, blue, brown, black.

Traffic information parameters acquisition support rate, drivers and front distance parameters collection and statistics of the vehicle flow, vehicle speed and time occupancy.

Vehicle information storage capacity, please refer to the selection of the terminal server for the indicator.

The access method uses the terminal server to access the back-end platform in accordance with the established protocol;

The average trouble free running time MTBF = 5000h.

系统结构 系统功能 方案优势 系统参数

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