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System overview

Road intelligent monitoring system is a new type of high - definition video surveillance system for public security and traffic management. In order to meet the needs of the conventional monitoring system for road cross section, the whole time, the intelligent monitoring system introduces a full screen video detection, video tracking, license plate recognition and other leading video intelligent technology, the video images are structured description.

Intelligent monitoring system front-end can be installed in the streets and roads on both sides of the vertical rod bar or gantry frame, on the road to monitor, and realize video structured description (vehicle feature information extraction). Can support vehicle capture, license plate recognition; support vehicle identification, body color recognition; support traffic statistics. Support for the simultaneous analysis of up to three lanes of the past vehicles, and the 5-6 lanes to monitor.

The structure of the system

System function

- with over a car record function, record the vehicle characteristic information;

- support for the simultaneous analysis of up to three lanes of vehicles, and to monitor the 5-6 Lane

- with license plate recognition;

- body color recognition;

- with vehicle identification function;

- with road traffic parameter collection function;

- with video surveillance video features, the front end of the configuration of the terminal server, can support the front end storage;

- built in "fog", "through the haze" function;

- support image watermarking tamper proof;

- supports multiple characters, image synthesis mode;

- support device status monitoring and alarm function;

System parameters

Project     index

Video analysis supports vehicle capture, license plate number recognition, license plate recognition, vehicle body color recognition, vehicle identification;

Vehicle capture rate during the day:

The first lane (near the pole) vehicle capture rate greater than 90%;

Second lane vehicle capture rate greater than 80%;

Third lane vehicle capture rate greater than 70%

At night the ambient brightness is higher than 70lux, more than 70%; the night environment brightness below 70lux vehicle capture rate can not be guaranteed;

The vehicle license plate recognition accuracy of license plate recognition accuracy rate of 80%

Recognition of license plate recognition of license plate types: types of civilian license plates (except 5 small vehicles), military police license plate, license plate;

Body color recognition: Day: dark, light color distinction; identification of 10 common body color: white, gray, yellow, pink, red, purple, green, blue, brown, black.

Vehicle identification can detect common 5 kinds of models: car, van, bus, small truck, truck

系统结构 系统功能 方案优势 系统参数

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