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Dedicated on Private Network-to be the Largest

Solutions Provider for Communications in the Energy and Transportation Fields of China

“There is an old saying from a Chinese poetry meaning that a great roc must spread its wings with wind and strike in the sky of thousands miles away some day”

        Driven by a courageous and overwhelming sprit, KeyBridge, locating in Mirs Bay of Shenzhen, relies on its existing technologies, services and management infrastructure, and makes full use of its incum- bent  advantage and  unique technique.  Meanwhile, KeyBridge increases R&D investment, strengthens target marketing system and strives to maintain a steady growth for leading products in China’s domestic market. And it takes full advant- age of its competitiveness in the power industry to expand to the private networks in the other areas, particularly to the rail traffic industry, which is to become biggest solutions provider for communications in multiple industries.


        Taking the chance of the rapid development of China’s rail transportation, KeyBridge actively promotes the applications of private network communication technology in the field of China’s rail traffic and makes the use of the first-mover advant- age in the field, which makes KeyBridge become one of the main service providers for private network communication in the field of China’s rail traffic. Meanwhile, depending on the favorable opportunities of industrial upgrading, strengthening production safety and promoting industrial automation via informatization, KeyBridge achieves the purpose that the schedu- ling communication solution and RPR industrial data solution are widely used in the field. KeyBridge aims to achieve value maximization in 2013 for the shareholders and society.


Shenzhen Keybridge Communications Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Keybridge Communications Co., Ltd, founded in 1999, specializes in private network communication solutions. For many years now the company has been dedicated to providing private network communication solutions for electric power, Intelligent Transportation, railway transportation, as well as the designing, developing and manufacturing the corresponding software and hardware products.


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